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About “Liza Canoli”

I am looking to find a smoking gun in the communications that my husband has been having with other women; including my sister in law. I have done my fair share of work on my own already. I have hacked into his icloud, but he has deleted his messages and I’m not sure how to retrieve those. I have hacked into his one email account (hotmail) but can’t hack into his others (Gmail, icloud mail, etc). I was also able to get into his photos and notes, bit he has deleted those items as well, or at least he moved them elsewhere. All in all, he has done a good clean up job for an amateur like me, however I need to get more information and need to get to the truth. I also have his old phones (iPhone 4 (2 of them) and an iPhone 12 (I think). The two iPhone 4’s do not power on, but I was hoping to do a motherboard repair to see uf I could access his old messages that way. The 12 turns on but says to connect to iTunes and I don’t want the data deleted. I also don’t know his pass codes for those phones. Looking for fast help with good informative outcomes.

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