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help me!! Cryptocurrency scams site

  • Job DurationLess than a week
  • Project LevelExpensive
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Project detail

I have involved Cryptocurrency scams, so I can’t withdrow my money from scam site.

I try to withdraw my money, scan site blocked to withdraw with message 不十分なクレジットスコア、it means you don’t finish our task. It is short of my money to finish our task.

Would you help me to withdraw my money, 390000 yen, I will give you 100000 yen to you.

The site is

login →ユーザー→現金を引き出し→push yellow button.

This is just a scam site, because the office licated World Trade Center 65F, California Longbeach,  90802


So when I-hope you succeed to withdraw my money, if possible it is better to withdraw 390000 from this scam site, the reward is up to 500000 yen to you!


If you have questions and need information, please tell me.

Sincerly yours,


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Project Completion deadline

May 3, 2024