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cryptocurrency scam victims

  • Тип занятостиТип занятости: На месте
  • Длительность заданияLess than a month
  • Уровень проектаExpensive
  • //hackerslist.site/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/img-01-4.pngTurkey

Описание задания

Hello there , we are 4 people from Iran who sing up in “belem.cc” a chinese trade site for cryptocurrency , and we became subsets of “four leaaf clover” they call themselves charity and we give them some commission for charity things. when we want cash our money , “belem.cc” give them panel for ban us , maybe this site for themselve i dont know. We are four worker and we give our all money in this site. We want from you to hack our account for us and Take your money (USDT) and put the rest in our wallet. we lost 16k usdt we give you 6k or maybe more. Pls help us!! Soon

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