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Find Fraud

  • Тип занятостиТип занятости: Удаленный
  • Длительность заданияLess than a week
  • Уровень проектаBasic Level
  • //hackerslist.site/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/img-02-2.pngUnited States

Описание задания

Could you find out the Chinese investment  frauds?

I think someone attached hacking file with his mail.

We are victims of Chinese Fraud of private equity.

We are trying to fInd out frauds.

but They are so clever liar.

Police did move easily

because we didn’t send money

we just invested on own accounts.

I joined in Shimizu investment club 清水投資クラブ on Line to learn US stocks.

The teachers were teaching and guided  when the equity buy and sell.

but one day

they took money from our fund using by speculative source.

I was trying to find out who they are

but I couldn’t find yet.

Here’s victims question on Yahoo.




Here’s the only contact email.

Other contacts are only Line

[email protected]

We pay more if it succeed.

Please help us to find bad people!!

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