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Hacking two Steam accounts

  • Тип занятостиТип занятости: Удаленный
  • Длительность заданияLess than a week
  • Уровень проектаMedium Level
  • Крайний срок проектаИстёк
  • //hackerslist.site/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/img-01-2.pngAustralia

Описание задания

My Steam account was hijacked and high value items were traded to two bot accounts.
I contacted Steam support but they did not respond.
So I will try to get the items back by hacking the two bot accounts in reverse and trade them to my account after the trade limit is up for one week. By the way, the two accounts I’m trying to get back are probably bots, so SteamGuard is not used. The total amount of skins taken is 1000~1500$ so I can deal with the reward if it is less than that.
Anyway, I want to retaliate, so I am looking for people who are confident in their skills and who are willing to help me get my revenge!


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