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Hacking (hacker) services

I am engaged in hacking any profiles and projects on favorable terms. I have over 10 years of practice and rich software for hacking attacks on users, companies and servers.

List of my hacking services

I am not limited to one direction and perform hacking to order:
• Social networks Instagram, Facebook.
• Messengers Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Snapchat, Skype.
• Sites and servers of large projects.
• Android, Apple, Windows devices.
• Comprehensive access by links (hacking Facebook + E-mail, Whatsapp + phone).
I am also engaged in punching users through fresh databases. This service will help you find out personal data using an online profile or vice versa, find an initially unknown profile.

What can I order

Turning to a professional hacker, you can order any service related to hacking other users:
• Reading correspondence. You can get all the information about the personal and business connections of a loved one or competitor.
• Surveillance. Anonymous entry into someone else’s profile with a 1-month guarantee (in practice, access is retained even after the expiration date).
• Interception of an inactive account. A programmer can hack the server database and get a “forgotten” profile, link your mail or phone number to it.
• Full control. Access to all options of the device or account, on which you can immediately delete unwanted information.
• Collection of information. The hacker will even get the correspondence or photo deleted by the user, because data is stored on servers for a long time.
These opportunities can only be provided by an experienced specialist, in whose arsenal there are several methods for opening. When one method fails, the other will surely work. This approach allows you to crack passwords with a 99% guarantee.

What is required for hacking

Is it enough to send a link to an account and wait for the result? This is only half the story. It is important to decide on the goals that you want to achieve by accessing someone else’s profile:
• think carefully about what you need (one-time check of a satellite, follow a competitor, delete an unwanted file faster);
• find out on which project the person communicates more and openly.
The hacker only provides access to someone else’s profile or device, but is not responsible for the volume and quality of information on it. Therefore, approach the matter responsibly and firmly evaluate what and who needs to be hacked.

What guarantees do I have

A negative opinion about hackers is sometimes formed due to amateurs offering Android hacking for cheap or a similar service. They don’t care about reputation and the quality of work is low. Anonymity is out of the question, and the victim changes the password. There are also a lot of fraudulent programs on the network like “automatic Instagram hacking in 5 minutes by login”.
This is a blatant scam to extort funds or personal data from gullible users. In order not to become a victim of a scammer or an unscrupulous hacker yourself, it is enough to ignore “free” offers.
The hacker always presents evidence of gaining remote access to someone else’s account. This could be the last calls on the phone, the content of a chat message, or the last order in an online store. The form of evidence can be agreed with the customer in advance.
After that, the client is given a hacking program and software that allows you to log into someone else’s account anonymously. Warranty for tracking 1 month. If the opportunity to visit is lost through no fault of the customer, the hacker will quickly restore access.


The hacker works anonymously, does not require personal data from you and does not involve intermediaries in the work. The information received as a result of hacking is not used by the programmer for his own purposes. Opening profiles and devices goes without a trace – there are no records left in the history of visits, and “left” activity is not displayed in the questionnaire.
The customer is also obliged, for his part, to observe security measures – not to talk about his intentions. When connecting to the victim remotely, follow the hacker’s instructions. In this case, complete confidentiality and anonymity will be guaranteed.
The hacker will provide you with all the possibilities for anonymous surveillance on your own, and will tell you in detail how to use the software. If something becomes incomprehensible, the specialist will always explain the functionality.

Professional hacking – how much does it cost?

The hacker already has a password guesser, an anonymous login technique, and a hack. There are absolutely no unexpected costs. The price and terms of hacking depend only on the degree of protection and the amount of work required for opening.
To find out the cost of hacking, leave a link to your profile or website. The specialist will quickly assess the level of security. An hour later, the final price will be announced, which will not change.
If you do not know the user’s address, leave other data (name, email or phone). The hacker will break through the databases of a person and find an active profile. Are you unsure on which site the victim communicates more? Order a comprehensive hack, with which the opening of each profile within one service is cheaper.


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